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welcome to my webpage — by admin at 03/23/19 (Sat) 15:39:03


This might be a surprise. I've been silently planning this for a long while now. I think this will be a nice system for drive-by checkups.

Right now, everything is thin. If the board actually ends up becoming active we'll expand sections. I have a lot of thoughts now on how to sustain the back-end. I don't plan on maintaining this if it ends up a complete ghost town in a year, but for now we'll see what happens.

/dsp/ is the General Discussion board for now. I don't plan on posting much, I'll leave the first posts for anybody that rolls through. This is more for the community that was.

There's a lot of work on my end in terms of general stability. Keeping the wheels spinning on modern infrastructure with code thats years old is definitely going to be a challenge.