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Tips and tricks

Usage tips:

Max Filesize: 5MB for now. May change going forward. Standard images are OK, Gif, WebM ok as well.

Name field:
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Name field can be used to identify yourself. Because of the lack of an actual "registration" process anybody can use any name. You can use a tripcode to identify yourself

Name Field Input, Output
Name, Name
Name##password, Name!!S2/8NGw5BE
Name##Password, Name!!RyeH7Pmxe6
Please don't put the password to your moms bank account in here. I trust the hash is strong, but your hashed password is public. It's strong enough to make sure people dont shitpost with your name, if you so choose to have one. I wouldn't trust it beyond that.

Email field:
[Required: No]
Email field can be used to pass in a couple parameters that change how your session behaves.
command, desc.
noko, After posting you will be returned to that thread.
sage, Your post will not bump the topic to the top of the page.
dice, Something stupid type in "dice 1d6" to get a single six sided dice roll. 2d7 would be two 7 sided dice rolls. *shrug*

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[Required: Only on creating New Topic]

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[Required: Only if you are not replying with an upload]

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Your browser will typically select a "default" password for this field. It's generally reccomended you keep in mind your post delete password as this is the only way without moderator intervention to remove a post

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Will hide the thumbnail for your image until deliberately clicked.
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The Rules

Please refrain from posting things that will get me put in jail.

Keep it as SFW as possible.

I don't plan on having some drawn out community guidelines at this point. Don't suck.