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Is anybody there?
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Please refrain from posting things that will get me put in jail.

Keep it as SFW as possible.

I don't plan on having some drawn out community guidelines at this point. Don't suck.

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Usage tips:

Max Filesize: 5MB for now. May change going forward. Standard images are OK, Gif, WebM ok as well.

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Name field can be used to identify yourself. Because of the lack of an actual "registration" process anybody can use any name. You can use a tripcode to identify yourself

Name Field Input, Output
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Name##password, Name!!S2/8NGw5BE
Name##Password, Name!!RyeH7Pmxe6
Please don't put the password to your moms bank account in here. I trust the hash is strong, but your hashed password is public. It's strong enough to make sure people dont shitpost with your name, if you so choose to have one. I wouldn't trust it beyond that.

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